line bridge body

line bridge body brings together critical, clinical, and culturally diverse expressions of somatic being, relating, and processes. This first collection involves more than fifteen emerging and established thinkers, writers, and artists engaging psychosomatics, eco-performance and relationship to place, and other parables of bodies.

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line bridge body no 1 looks at experimental works approaching embodiment as a bridge that interconnects and crosses lines severing the arts, disciplines, and ecologies, past, present, and to come.

This anthology is edited by Sanja (Dejanovic) Jano, Jonathan Adjemian, A.T. Kingsmith, with assistance by Christine Cricri Bellerose.

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2020, line bridge body.
Edited by Jano, Adjemian, & Kingsmith with Bellerose

Publication Launch Schedule, meeting and viewing links

Join us celebrating the launch of our community partner’s line bridge body publication on June 12th 2020 12-4 pm. Featuring workshops, performances, and interviews with Jose Miguel Esteban, Anne Bourne, Mika Lior, Teresa Ascencao, Jean-Luc Nancy, Heather Sincavage, Denispé, Tatiana Koroleva
and other contributors.

12:00 PM
Introduction by Publication Editors

12:15 PM
Poetry reading / Tatiana Koroleva

Tatiana Koroleva is a multi-disciplinary artist and researcher who works in the mediums of performance art, video art and creative writing. Her most recent performances were presented at Queens Museum (New York, USA) as a part of LiVEART.US and Sofia Underground International Performance Art Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria).

12:30 PM
Performance short / Jose Miguel Esteban

Jose Miguel (Miggy) Esteban is a Toronto-based, Filipino-Canadian contemporary dance/movement artist and educator. Through his work with Impetus Movement Project, he unpacks the intentions behind movement to (re)imagine, (re)create, and (re)encounter dance.

12:45 PM
Live Activation / lo bil

lo bil is a Toronto-based settler performance artist and York University Interdisciplinary Masters student creating body-based experiments to generate intuitive “felt” research into academic concepts and risk-based performance-making. lo’s improvisatory performances involve spontaneous utterance, impulse-based scores, object manipulation, unexpected humour, and interrelational proposals with audience. Since 2014, lo has created over 25 unrepeatable performances.

1:15 PM
Performance Short / Heather Sincavage

Heather Sincavage is a multidisciplinary artist and feminist. She uses her own experiences with gender-based violence as a performative case study analyzing what it is to live with trauma. Her work has appeared in the Tate Modern in London and LiteHaus Galerie in Berlin among other locations across Spain, Finland, and Iceland.

1:30 PM
Embodied Listening Score / Mika Lior

Mika Lillit Lior is an artist scholar whose research focuses on ritual, gender, and embodied practice. Her creation and performance process draws on influences from capoeira, contact improvisation, samba and Afro-Brazilian ritual dance forms.

2:00 PM
Interview / Jean-Luc Nancy (with Sanja Jano)

Jean-Luc Nancy is a French philosopher. He has authored more than twenty books since his first text published in 1973, Le titre de la lettre, a reading of the work of French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, written in collaboration with Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe. Nancy collaborates with various artists (choreographer Mathilde Monnier), and has contributed commentaries on contemporary art, including, On Kawara (1997), Jean Michel Atlan (Atlan: Les Détrempes; 2010), and his book published in 2001 The Evidence of Film on the work of the Iranian filmmaker, Abbas Kiarostami.

2:45 PM
Performance short / Teresa Ascencao

Teresa Ascencao is a multimedia artist whose work toys with social constructs of body language, costume, customs, and inner corporeal experiences. Ascencao was born to Azorean parents in Sao Paulo, Brazil and immigrated to Canada at a young age. She lives and works in Toronto and teaches at OCADU.

2:50 PM
Performance short / Denispé

Denis Lafond is from Lachine, Quebec, specializing in puppetry, sound creation & video mapping. He is passionate about Butoh and Gaga, and has been an adept since 2013.

Speranza Spir is born in Montreal and of greek heritage. She visits Greece frequently, doing land photography and video, collecting historic, and family data for performative works. She is a somatic practitioner in Polarity, Craniosacral and osteopathic approaches since 1997. Denis & Speranza have been a collaborative duo presenting multidisciplinary pieces since 2014.

3:00 PM
Distance Listening Workshop/ Anne Bourne

Instructions: You will need two rocks of any size to join in.

Anne Bourne, is a composer and interdisciplinary artist, teacher and writer based in Canada. Seasoned in international intermedia performance and song, Anne creates emergent streams of cello and voice, with artists Eve Egoyan and Mauricio Pauly; Silvia Tarozzi; IONE; Dubmorphology; tUkU; Stephen Vitiello and Kara-Lis Coverdale. Anne imparts the text scores and deep listening® practice of composer Pauline Oliveros, for the collective Sounding Difference, and recently as MMM_MM/ ensemble vide artist in residence, Genéve, CH 2020.

4:00 PM
Corps Interieur Documentary Screening / Philippe Poirier, Jean-Luc Nancy, Laurent Dene Sancho (code will be provided)