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Issue 1 — New Toronto Works 2020

Pleasure Dome’s New Toronto Works is a high voltage programme of new media artworks: a cinematic screening stitched together by a live wire. Works by Freya Björg Olafson, Sonia Beckwith, Andrew Lennox, Nikole Hidalgo McGregor, Madi Piller, Cody Rooney, Bo Fan, Renee Lear, Sophie Jaworski and Jan Swinburne.

This hour-and-five-minute programme has expired for rental. Enjoy access to Katherine Connell’s curatorial essay and artist interviews by Shahbaz Khayambashi.

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Addendum — Interviews and Discussions

A selection of artist interviews published on the Pleasure Dome website throughout the years. Contributions by Alexandra Gelis, Allyson Mitchell, Brian Kent Gotro, cheyanne turions, Chris Kennedy, Clint Enns, Dina Georgis, Eli Horwatt, Hector Centeno, Jorge Lozano, Kami ChisholmKelly O’Brien, Kika Nicolela, Laura U. MarksMike Hoolboom, Nahed MansourNathalie Bujold, Roy Dib, Stephen Broomer, Steve Reinke, Taravat Khalili, and Willie Varela.

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