Join Pleasure Dome as an Annual Member

The $10 Annual Memberships grants full membership status in our non-profit, artist-run organization which gives you a voting ballot at our AGM (with full voting privileges if purchased 10 days prior to the AGM), and the opportunity to contribute programming ideas and suggest initiative for future screenings and events.

What does your membership support?

Truly, the intrinsic values of arts programming are varied and complex. Your membership allows us to contribute to the intellectual and critical understanding of experimental media through writing, discussions, screenings, essays, and interviews. In turn, our publications and engagements improve arts literacy, critical engagement, and intellectual curiosity in the sector, and in the public. Your membership allows us to support the production, presentation, and interest in radical and utterly experimental moving image work. Importantly, your membership allows us to provide reputable, professional, and paid presentation opportunities for the exhibition of marginalized works.

To obtain an annual membership or renew your membership and pay the membership fee via credit card, please fill out our membership form here:

Alternatively, you can purchase your membership by mail or visiting the office by appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

Please make cheque payable to: Artist Film Exhibtion Group of Ontario

Pleasure Dome (at Critical Distance)
Suite 122
401 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8

Please note that all members are expected to read and abide by the terms and conditions of membership to the organization. Thank you for being a part of our community!