2003, Blueprint.
Edited by Chris Kennedy and Tom Taylor. Published by Pleasure Dome. 108 pages.

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The Blueprint publication continues Pleasure Dome’s millennium project A Blueprint for Moving Images in the 21st Century that was conceived to allow artists the opportunity to explore critically the notion of the new millennium and the future of media art in the 21st century. From a nation-wide call for submissions the nine chosen artists developed their prototypes of the future though the medium of film, video and interactive technology. Following the premiere of the completed works in 2001, ten respondents and a designer wrestled to form appropriate retort to these diverse divinations, this catalogue contains their arguments, exegeses and digressions.

Table of Contents:

Burning River: the past and the future
Jeanne Randolph

Introduction: A Blueprint for Moving Images in the 21st Century
Ger Zielinski

On Fine China
Chris Kennedy

The 100 Greatest Books of All Time
A collaborative catalogue entry by Ryan Kamstra

Madame Winger Makes a Film: A Post-Apocalyptic Review
Karyn Sandlos

fox : future and the Framing of Nature
Ger Zielinski

Cerebral Palsy and Sex
Explanation by Linda Feesey

Roberto Ariganello’s Shelter
Jonathan Culp

Snowjob by Andrew J. Paterson
A train of thought by Sally McKay

La Capitale de la Douleur
Daniel Cockburn

Artists Projects:
Fine China, Ho Tam
Blueprint, Jeremy Drummond
The 100 Greatest Books of All Time, Maija Martin
fox : future, Judith Doyle
Madame Winger Makes a Film: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century, Helen Hill
Snowjob, Andrew J. Paterson