Decontamination – Winter 2021



Wed., Dec. 8-15, 2021.

JOIN US for a Q&A Wed., Dec. 15, 7 pm EST artists in attendance.

We go virtual and optimize our time, our emotions, and our relations. You can offer up endless data to improve our doppelgängers. An uncanny place, a tragic paradox of getting lost in a glass labyrinth. We want a rational, adjustable, and transformable environment, so we rather decontaminate the unpredictable, we sterilize the unexpected. Life is disinfected, the risks are safer to handle, but the unforeseen side effects of this ongoing transformation are getting stronger and stronger. Our sterilized world is silent and alienating.

DECONTAMINATION is a collection of works reflecting this universal, but mostly still unarticulated angst. These artists explore fragments of this metamodern uneasiness.

Curated by PD Director Zoltan Huber

Image Credit: Roaming, Florine Mougel (Austria, 2020).

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