Winter 2021

Genre Reawakenings: Experimental Horror Shorts

PWYC Rental from April 21 to 28, 2021

JOIN US for closing Q&A moderated by Mariam Bastani (Rue Morgue) Wed., April 28, 7 pm EST

To reawaken a genre is a type of resurrection. In horror, such resurrections—whether by magic or experiment—never go according to plan, often bringing the haunted or concealed into plain focus. The transgressive or painful results of these confrontations are irrevocably lingering, if not transformative. This program is both a celebration of and commentary on horror; a genre with the capacity to uniquely underscore political and aesthetic concerns. The artists featured here reconfigure the formal and thematic conventions of narrative horror films with an urgency that reminds viewers: when one entity is reawakened, it is rarely alone.

Curated by Pleasure Dome Board Director Katie Connell. Co-presented by Rue Morgue.

Image credit: Incidents, Hajeer Moradi (Iran, 2019)

This program has expired.


Welcome to the Memory Palace

The memory palace is a mnemonic device, whereby one imagines a very familiar building, associating pieces of information with objects or locations within it. The root word for archive comes from the meaning ‘the master’s house’. The films in this program explore history, power, and memory through the architectures of sleep, of the domestic and local, and through ideas of nationality and haunting, the illusiveness of identity, and machine memory.

Curated by Pleasure Dome Board Director Clare Samuel. This event is sponsored by CONTACT Photography Festival and the Ryerson Image Centre. The closing Q&A will be moderated by Samara Chadwick.

Image Credit: Terra Velha, Andrew Lima (Canada, 2019)

Online program. This program has expired.

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