Summer 2021

Vision Creep

Online program. PROGRAM EXPIRED

PWYC rental July 15 to 22, 2021

Bringing together a mix of essayistic and formalist video works, Vision Creep takes a bifocal survey of the techniques and technologies of aesthetic perception, tracing their creep and drift, as they form unlikely affinities connecting histories of art, ecology, war, medicine, and magic. A camera obscura could both help plan a renaissance masterpiece and execute a military defense system; advances in X-ray technology could prolong human life and accelerate diamond mining; colour theory could become camouflage.

Image credit: Tricotone 01, Sam Meech (UK, 2019)

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Tricotone 01, Sam Meech (UK, 2019)

Measures of Motion

Online program. PROGRAM EXPIRED

PWYC Rental from May 26 to June 2, 2021

Closing Q&A Wednesday, June 2, 7:00 pm EST (zoom link inside!)

At a moment when the space between us is rife with anxiety and risk, the task of moving towards intimacy with comfort or ease can feel next to impossible. How do we move in isolation? Where do we move in spatial constriction? The term “social distance” became a part of our everyday lexicon this past year. But it seems as though our bodies have been rehearsing for remote dances in bedroom theatres and detached duets on sidewalk stages for longer than that. Our phones are keepers of ubiquitous, collective choreographies that we might not even know we’re participating in. Many of the videos in this program were created before the pandemic, and yet the ways in which each one uses choreography and movement to measure intimacy and distance or mediate desire and survival seems very much of this moment. In Measures of Motion, we see a multiplicity of ways that moving bodies resist social and political anxieties through connective gestures, solitary confrontations, and choreographies of care. 

Curated by Pleasure Dome Board Director Jennifer Laiwint.

Sponsored by TO Love-In.

Image credit: Drills, Sarah Friedland (USA, 2020)

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