COVID19 Response

March 26, 2020
Dear Pleasure Dome members and friends,

On March 12, Pleasure Dome responded to the COVID 19 pandemic by canceling our international visit with Shu Lea Cheang, where we intended on screening their feature Fluid0 – which is all about virus and contagion. The next day, we hosted an online premiere of Kanika Gordon’s new work developed from our commission program and partnership with Bump TV (airing this Friday, March 27 8EST). After that, everything was canceled.

In a fog of derealization, fourteen days later, we are writing to say: we are here for you.
How can we help?

We need to know where you’re at, if you can, hit reply to this email and tell us:

How are you?
How has this impacted your practice?
Do you need emergency funds?

Have you read these resources?
CAMH Mental Health and the Pandemic
TAC Helping Toronto’s Artists Survive COVID -19
Have you submitted to our open call? NOW EXTENDED OPEN CALL

The Covid-19 pandemic has precluded the possibility of traditional in-person screening events. So, we are initiating a swift website upgrade to an issues-based online magazine platform—streaming experimental video from our open call, with curatorial essays and remarks, as well as artist interviews. Importantly, we will be scheduling Zoom meetings with community members and artists to connect in the near future.

Our first issue will be our signature New Toronto Works program slated to launch May 16. Pleasure Dome is keenly watching how festival providers across Canada (and internationally) will bring their content online.

We are staying informed through communications by TAC, OAC, CCA, as well as provincial resources, and national resources while working with IMAA and MANO.

Pleasure Dome is preparing for our AGM, which will be hosted on Zoom first week of May. Obviously, this is an unusual way for us to gather for this yearly event, but we hope that you will be able to find a way to join us. Pleasure Dome relies on our partnerships with passionate artists, filmmakers, and arts administrators to collaborate in support of experimental film and media art in Toronto and the broader global landscape. There are lots of ways to join us, you could volunteer for our Board or help us vet on our programming committee, or pitch an article or program.

We are experiencing an unprecedented moment in time—and really more than anything we wanted to let you know that Pleasure Dome is thinking about you, asking how we can support and grow our relationships with you to the benefit of experimental film and media creators.

We’d love to hear from you.

❤️With love,

Pleasure Dome Board of Directors
Andrea Creamer, Co-Chair
Theresa Slater, Operations and Development Manager,