planetary ruins & other possibilities – Spring 2022

planetary ruins & other possibilities

April 20 – May 4 2022

planetary ruins & other possibilities is a program of films that explore the ecological and geological as forms of media, archival sites, and spaces for speculative mining and mapping. In times of extraction and planetary disaster, what can ecologically and geologically-oriented films that explore non-human, more-than-human, and alien perspectives tell us about the historical and current conditions of global capitalism? Straddling the line between fiction and the real, this series of films also make use of non-human presences and imagined scenarios in order to activate other kinds of temporal storytelling, while offering alternative approaches to media archaeology.

Curated by Dhvani Ramanujam.

Co-presented by Archive/Counter-Archive.


Deep Point Cloud, Emilija Škarnulytė (Lithuania, 2019) 6:53 mins
TR333, April Lin 林森 (UK 2021) 10:00 mins
Tellurian Drama, Riar Rizaldi (Indonesia/Hong Kong 2020) 26:50 mins
The Garden Along the Coast, Claire Scherzinger (Canada, 2019) 9:52 mins
Iconoplast, Sara Bonaventura (Italy, 2022) 8:00 mins

Total: 1:02:23 mins

Join us for closing zoom Q&A Wed., May 4, 7:30 pm EST with artist in attendance, moderated by Dhvani Ramanujam.

planetary ruins & other possibilities Q&A

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