Tue., Feb. 18, 2020
Toronto Media Arts Centre
(32 Lisgar St., Toronto)


Part of Winter 2020

Celebrate the pioneering feminist films by artist Barbara Hammer (1939-2019) presented by re:assemblage collective, CFMDC, and Pleasure Dome with works from the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) collection. All funds received from the evenings program will be donated to the Barbara Hammer Lesbian Experimental Filmmaking Grant Fund!

A selection of Barbara’s films from the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) collection paired with a recent short by Deborah Stratman!

+++++++++++ PROGRAMME ++++++++++++
Schizy – 1967 – 3 minutes – Super 8mm – silent
Dyketactics – 1974 – 4 minutes – 16mm
Menses – 1974 – 4 minutes – 16mm
X – 1973 – 8 minutes – 16mm
Optic Nerve – 1985 – 16 minutes – 16mm
Bent Time – 1984 – 22 minutes -16mm – original score by Pauline Oliveros

++++++++++ plus ++++++++++

Vever (for Barbara) – Deborah Stratman – 2019 – 12 minutes – Guatemala/USA – 16mm (*format to be confirmed)

A cross-generational binding of three filmmakers seeking alternative possibilities to the power structures they are inherently part of. Each woman extends her reach to a subject she is outside of. “Vever” grew out of the abandoned film projects of Maya Deren and Barbara Hammer. Shot at the furthest point of a motorcycle trip Hammer took to Guatemala in 1975, and laced through with Deren’s reflections of failure, encounter and initiation in 1950s Haiti.

TRT: 69 minutes

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