BlackRustWorld Premiere

Bump TV Premiere
March 13, 2020


Part of Winter 2020

Pleasure Dome and Bump TV are thrilled to announce the recipient of the Alter-Ego Citadel Commission has been awarded to Kanika Gordon with Black Rust World @blackrustworld.

Black Rust World (Kanika Gordon) current works explore themes of technology, the future, and space travel through an Afrofuturist lens with a focus on creating spaces for marginalized communities to exist and thrive in. The commissioned work will tell the story of a freedom fighter leader whose aim is to recruit cadets and welcome them into a world where they can be safe. This off-world habitation is a space to navigate identity and ways of being that are shunned in society. The use of encrypted messages, voice-altering, futurization, and costume design explores ways we use code words and symbols, further, drawing attention to analog communication that enforces safety and offers truly covert correspondence. This work will draw parallels between the real-world dangers of whistleblowing and call attention to those that use their power as a form of control. Black Rust World showcases the duality of personhood through the mirroring of images and spaces, demonstrating that an everyday being has the ability to be powerful through the safety created on the web.

Bump TV Premier, March 13, 2020, 8PM. WATCH HERE!