The Numb Spiral Continues

Thur., Aug. 22
7:30 pm
PIX FILM Gallery
1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C
PWYC, $5 Suggested

Part of Summer 2019

M. Woods in Person

M. Woods is an American-Latinx media terrorist working in avant-garde film, video art, photography, collage, sound design, and performance. Woods’ work chronicles the spread of the Numb Spiral, the results of a digital sickness that manifests itself in the codification and symbolic negation of being. His work is a fashioned attack against the institutional structures of white supremacy and the alpha male fantasy. The Numb Spiral is the point at which consciousness negates being, and a cruel illusion maintains control of the flailing senses. What begins as apathy, surreptitiously devolves into solipsism and nihilism, until the infected succumbs to the perception of total illusion. The Digital Sickness is the evil at the heart of mediated representation, and in tandem with spectacle and the negation of the simulacra, the Digital Sickness marches onwards towards the eradication of the real and the propagation of its double.

Watch a teaser

Dailies from the USA
16mm transferred digitally. Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master, 3:15

A Day in a Place – (scene from Exodus: Melencolia) 16mm & Video transferred digitally. H264 Master, 7:40

Post-Panoptic Gazing
Hand-processed and lab-processed 16mm, super 8, 35mm, stop motion multi-gauge collage, found footage, mini-dv, 2.5K Video, 10:33

Fractal Death 7 – but you ain’t sayin nothin parasitic
16mm Digitally manipulated & Found Footage. Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master, 3:10

Window Shopping in the fall of Babylon
16mm Digitally Transferred. Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master, 2:16

Stuck in the 90’s Episodes 3 & 2
Video, Found Footage. Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master, 16:50

iPhone stills. Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master, 4:54

An Infinite Loop for Resistance – chopped & screwed
Hand-processed and lab-processed 16mm, Found Footage, super 8, 35mm, stop-motion multi-gauge collage. Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master, 11:22

Moderated by Dan Browne; Toronto-based media artist whose works have screened at numerous festivals, cinematheques and galleries worldwide. He has curated programmes of experimental media in Toronto for more than a decade with the Loop Collective, and most recently as a part of Vertical Features. Dan’s writing on filmmaking has been published in Incite Journal of Experimental Media, Otherzine, Brno Studies in English Journal, San Francisco Cinematheque, Millennium Film Journal, and “Process Cinema: Handmade Film in the Digital Age“ (2019, McGill–Queens UP).

Co-Presented by PIX FILM and Pleasure Dome.

Regrettably, Pix Gallery is not wheelchair accessible. There are two steps at the entrance.