Christine Lucy Latimer, Media Archeologist 

Fri., Nov. 8, 2019
7:30 – 10:00 pm
Niagara Custom Lab
182A St Helens Ave, Toronto, ON

$10 General admission
$5 Members rate
or PWYC!

Part of Fall 2019


Pleasure Dome is pleased to announce the Canadian Film Institute’s launch of Christine Lucy Latimer – Media Archeologist (edited by Mike Hoolboom), a new book featuring artist essays, reflections, poems, and creative responses to the work of Toronto’s own Christine Lucy Latimer. To celebrate this launch, Pleasure Dome is presenting Toronto’s first-ever retrospective survey of Latimer’s moving-image works.

Christine Lucy Latimer’s practice blends discarded elements from moving image history (including found celluloid, darkroom chemistry, vhs tapes, and neglected analog gear) to comment on authorship and obsolescence in lens-based media. The resulting abstract, short-form hybrids collapse format and origin, melting pixel and grain, creating a wonky nether-space of weirdness and wonder.

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design, Latimer’s works have been presented in over 250 film festivals and gallery exhibitions across five continents. Join Pleasure Dome for this special presentation at Niagara Custom Lab, with all works being shown in their original celluloid and tape formats!

16mm films:
Mosaic (2 mins)
Fruit Flies (1.5 mins)
Focus (1.5 mins)
Physics and Metaphysics in Modern Photography (6.5 minutes)
Over Past:Future Sight (7 minutes)

Super 8 films:
Still Feeling Blue About Colour Separation (2.5 minutes)
Format (3.5 minutes)

VHS tapes:
💥NEW WORK: House Pieces (2.5 minutes)
The Pool (4.5 minutes)
The Magik Iffektor (4.5 minutes)
Just Beyond the Screen (4 minutes)
Fraction Refrain (5 minutes)
Nationtime (2 minutes)
Program Description (3.5 minutes)

Looping VHS installations:
C2013 (41.5 minutes)
The Bridge View (17 minutes)

Betamax tape:
Lines Postfixal (4.5 minutes)