2018 Film Projector Restoration Day

Sunday, July 29
@ Pix Film Gallery
1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C
12pm — 4pm

Part of Summer 2018

Do you have an 8mm, super 8 or 16mm film projector sitting at home that you would love to use, but doesn’t work? Is it in need of a replacement bulb or belt? Is it operational, but covered in dust and you’re nervous to run film through it? Do you want to learn some basic maintenance tips for your projector so that you can get more use out of it in the future?

Pleasure Dome wants to give you the opportunity to fall back in love with film projections! On July 29th from 12pm to 4pm, bring film projectors in need of some TLC to Pix Film Gallery for a FREE projector assessment and restoration services!

Film specialists Christine Lucy Latimer and Karl Reinsalu will evaluate your machine, make sure it’s in working order, give it a thorough cleaning, and show you how to best keep it maintained. Projectors needing only small, basic repairs will be fixed while you wait. For repairs that require a little something more (such as a particular esoteric replacement bulb), your joyful film stewards will provide you with as much information as they can for obtaining that special missing piece.

Don’t miss this unique, fun and free community event!

Thank you to our sponsors! Pleasure Dome is generously supported by the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Arts Council.