My Life, My Life is This: Film, Video and Performance by Francesco Gagliardi

Friday October 27, 2017
7:30 Doors/Screening 8:00pm
$8/$5 members + students
@CineCycle, 129 Spadina Avenue

Part of Fall 2017

Come join us for a night celebrating the work of Toronto-based performance artist and occasional filmmaker Francesco Gagliardi. His practice uses film and video to explore issues that emerge from his eminent performance practice. The tangible and formal structures created are rooted in a space that is deeply personal: memories of place, death, desire, loss and family. The personal is transformed into sublime movements and gestures carried out through repetitive tasks, both mental and physical.

My work deals with memories of place, impressions of movement, translation, displacement and substitution, projection, transference and abreaction, weather conditions, cultural histories, landscape, furniture, architecture, the appearance of rooms, the incidence of light, geography, theatre, notation, repetition, permutation, attachment, repression, release, the city of Rome, parking lots, railway stations, night travel, collection, classification, superstition, manipulation, subterfuge and sleight of hand.” – Francesco Gagliardi

Interview with Francesco Gagliardi.




a sunday in summer (10 min, reading, 2017)
Short Sentences 1993 – 2005 (33 min, Super 8 to digital, sound, 2005)
Four Films About Rome (14 min, Super 8 with live reading, 2008)
Film:Rope: Films (6.5 min, Super 8, silent, 2015)
Film:Rope (13 min, video, sound, 2015)
some cities (3 min, Super 8 with sound performance, 2017)

Still from Film: Rope (2015)