Eyeblink 3 – Smash the Patriarchy: Frances Leeming, Ronnie Clark, Annie Wong, Kelsey Whyte

Gardiner Museum, 111 Queen’s Park
Thursday May 17, 2018
Doors 8:00pm, Start 9:00pm
Admission $10, Members $8

Part of Winter 2018


In support of The Gardiner Museum’s exhibition: Yoko Ono: THE RIVERBED, this three-part monthly screening and performance series draws inspiration from Ono’s 1960s and 1970s filmmaking. Here the body cannot be separated from the body politic, actions speak louder than words, and closely observed cinematic gestures challenge traditional gendered representations. Each monthly event will sample Ono’s works alongside ambitious presentations of local female artists working in time-based art and performance.

This evening is co-presented with the Gardiner Museum, and Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery.

Tonight’s program is inspired by a pair of Yoko Ono films: Freedom (1970) and Fly (1970) which will be screened in a party setting. The conflict between voyeurism and empathy play a central role, where female bodies are shown in positions of prolonged discomfort, inviting a mixed response from viewers.

Frances Leeming’s iconic The Orientation Express will greet visitors entering the museum in an installation format. Her pop art animations are hitched to a feminist train of unending wit and corporate takedowns.

Upstairs, YTB Gallery has devised Smash the Patriarchy – a party engaging with enragement. Partygoers are encouraged to smash, scream, shout, dance wildly, and support each other’s righteous anger at the patriarchy. The party will feature performances by Ronnie Clarke and Annie Wong, as well as movies by Kelsey Whyte that depict a model/actress in a dystopian photo shoot.

Admission includes entry to Yoko Ono: THE RIVERBED installation.

The Orientation Express, Frances Leeming