Eyeblink 2 – Hashtag Solidarity: Kim Ninkuru, Kiera Boult, Eryka Gudiño-Barthold, Erica Whyte and Amika

Gardiner Museum, 111 Queen’s Park
Thursday April 26, 2018
Doors 8:00pm, Start 9:00pm
Admission $10, Members $8

Part of Winter 2018


In support of The Gardiner Museum’s exhibition: Yoko Ono: THE RIVERBED, this three-part monthly screening and performance series draws inspiration from Ono’s 1960s and 1970s filmmaking. Here the body cannot be separated from the body politic, actions speak louder than words, and closely observed cinematic gestures challenge traditional gendered representations. Each monthly event will sample Ono’s works alongside ambitious presentations of local female artists working in time-based art and performance.

This evening is co-presented with the Gardiner Museum, Xpace Cultural Centre and The RUDE Collective.

Tonight’s program is inspired by Ono’s Film no. 4 (Bottoms) (1966-1967) which features serial close-ups of the most important part of the human anatomy. As the artist notes, “String bottoms together in place of signatures for petition for peace.”

While watching Ono’s work questions arose for The RUDE (Real, Unapologetic, Diverse Expression) Collective, an organization that has been creating safe queer spaces since September 2016 by juxtaposing art shows and dance parties with an inclusive lens, and consistently prioritizing POCs. Using a mixture of curated works and a pop-up party installation, we explore questions such as: What is at stake when making political art? What is the point of solidarity and allyship when it remains within the confines of the exhibit? Who benefits? Whose political artwork is deemed more efficient and/or valuable and why?

Featuring work by

Kim Ninkuru, Kiera Boult &  Eryka Gudiño-Barthold, projections by Erica Whyte and Amika, with a DJ set by Myst Milano.

Admission includes entry to Yoko Ono: THE RIVERBED installation.

The Rude Collective

The Rude Collective