AGM, BBQ & Open Screening

Saturday August 6, Free!
BBQ 6:30 PM
Open Screening 8 PM
@ CineCycle,129 Spadina Avenue

Part of Summer 2016

Please join us for our AGM, annual summer BBQ and Open Screening where we invite our members and audience to present any film or video work under 10 minutes, in this non-curated screening. We screen on a first-come, first-shown basis and can accommodate most formats (35mm, Regular and Super 8, 16mm, VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray or QuickTime file on disc or flash drive). Sign-in between 6:30PM and 7:30PM. Please contact if you require more information.

Works screened at the 23rd annual Open Screening:

Madi Piller Sunday Solitude 4′ digital
Andrew J. Cassidy Hayter Street 10′ dvd
Mikel Guillen Mutter 9′ digital
William Davison Toy Piano 4′ digital
Alexandra Gelis How to Make a Beach 2’30” digital
Jorge Lozano Forms of Emerging Behaviour 2’30” digital
Scott M2 Water Lines 5′ digital
Daniel Tapper Black Sands 6′ digital
Daniel Tapper Radio Rainbows 5′ digital
Rennie Rawlings Taylor Graceful 1′ S8
Rennie Rawlings Taylor Fond 1′ digital
Patrick Harpono (Ted Phillips) Evolution 2’30” digital
Adam Rosen + John Creson Summer Set One 4’30” digital


Martin Heath Movin’ (1967) 10′ 35mm
Henning Frederik Malz Rest In Me 6’30” digital
Bob Ezergailis Obscure Implications 6′ dvd
John Porter Scanning 8 3’20” S8
John Porter Calendar Girl 3’20” S8
Tom Mitchell Clouds Over Dundry Hill 2’45” digital
Sandy McLennan Looking for Muskoka 2’15” 8mm
James Bailey Dimensions 3’20” S8
Arshia Salesi Subway Trip 3′ digital
Nick Kovats Logmar Super 8 Tests 2’19” digital
Blaine Spiegel Ajapa 2′ S8
Blaine Spiegel Glyph 1′ 35mm (hand cranked)

Thanks to Adam Rosen + John Creson for their technical support of the screening.