The Situated Cinema Project; in-camera

Dates & Locations:

September 10-13: The Toronto International Film Festival’s Festival Street – Intersection of King Street West & Peter St. (TIFF Festival Street hours of operation)

September 12, 7:30 PM: Artist Talk with filmmakers Sol Nagler and Alexandre Larose, and architects Thomas Evans and Jonathan Mandeville – Artscape Youngplace (180 Shaw St.)

September 14-16: 8-11 Gallery – 233 Spadina Ave (10am-10pm)

September 17: Artscape Youngplace – 180 Shaw St. (10am-10pm)

September 17, 6–10 PM: Reception – Artscape Youngplace (180 Shaw St.)

Part of Fall 2015

The Situated Cinema Project; in-camera is a portable micro-cinema commissioned by Pleasure Dome to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Created by Halifax-based filmmaker Solomon Nagler with architects Thomas Evans and Jonathan Mandeville of passage studio and fabricated by Hollis + Morris (Toronto) the structure features pilgrimage (16mm, 4 min. looped, 2015) — an experimental film created by Nagler and his artistic collaborator Alexandre Larose.

From September 10th—20th, the Situated Cinema will travel to three Toronto locations, hosted by the Toronto International Film Festival®, 8-11 Gallery and Artscape Youngplace. As it travels, the architectural structure of the cinema will intervene in the city, creating unexpected situations where chance encounters and dislocated spaces forge new relationships between the spectatorial body and the urban landscape. Inseparable from its context, the Situated Cinema Project;in-camera explores intersections of film and architecture through a rejection of conventional cinematic representation,reinventing the cinema space as temporary and mobile.

On pilgrimage: “Drawing on issues of memory, decay, palimpsest and the rubbing together of archive, fiction and situations, pilgrimage was constructed from found strips of 8mm amateur footage that the artists gleaned together during a residency in Sydney, Australia. The original footage—a tourist’s voyeuristic, filmed impressions of a pilgrimage in a crowded urban space, where the faithful painfully stumble before the entrance of a temple—was reworked using an optical printer and other hand-made techniques. It is presented as a 16mm loop in the Situated Cinema, which is particularly resonant, as the ephemerality of this analogue, mobile cinema reframes the presence of the spectators; watching while watched in an experimental architecture and in urban space.” (Nagler/ Larose)

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Solomon Nagler is an experimental filmmaker who works and resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is an associate professor of film production at NSCAD University, and co-founder of WNDX: Festival of the Moving Image in Winnipeg. His work has screened internationally, including retrospectives in Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand. Most recently he has been creating 16mm celluloid installations that engage with experimental architecture in galleries and public space.

Alexandre Larose is a French-Canadian artist based in Montréal. His critically acclaimed films have been shown internationally since 2006. His work has been screened and in curated programs at major institutions including: European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck; Art Gallery Ontario; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; New York Anthology Film Archive; Austrian Film Museum, Vienna; Media City Film Festival, Ontario; International Film Festival Rotterdam; Jihlava International Documentary Festival; Ann Arbor Film Festival; and Images Festival, Toronto. His recent installation work has been exhibited at the Audio Foundation, Auckland and the John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan.

Melanie Wilmink is a doctoral student in Art History and Visual Culture at York University and a recipient of the 2014 York University Elia Scholars Award and a 2015 SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship. Her research examines the inter-connectivity between spectatorial experience and exhibition spaces, and aims to determine how public art situations act as vehicles for metaphoric and
physical transportation. Her ongoing research was developed through her experience as Programming Coordinator for the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and its $100 Film Festival (an avant-garde Super 8 and 16mm event established in 1992), and her current curatorial work through the Toronto-based Pleasure Dome media arts exhibition collective.

Thomas Evans graduated from Dalhousie University in 2009 with a Masters in Architecture and is currently an Intern Architect in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He has worked on a variety of projects for theatre, interiors, temporary pavilions and mobile structures. He has a working background in finish carpentry and joinery. This is the fourth iteration of The Situated Cinema Project that he has been involved with. Thomas works in partnership with Jonathan Mandeville in the new design and architecture office, passage studio in Halifax.

Jonathan Mandeville graduated from Dalhousie University in 2007 with a Masters of Architecture and is an Architect in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has worked on various types of projects: studios, residential, social housing, mixed-use projects, a city library, and a worship space. He balances office work with teaching design and building systems integration at Dalhousie’s School of Architecture. This is the second iteration of The Situated Cinema Project that he has been involved with. Jonathan is currently in the process of developing a new design and architecture office with Thomas Evans.

passage studio was formed by Thomas Evans and Jonathan Mandeville in 2015 during the design of the fifth situated cinema project: in-camera. Seeking to explore and find inspiration in the margins of traditional architectural practice, the studio challenges design categorization and enjoys merging the fields of architecture, products, furniture, and graphics. passage embraces an interdisciplinary approach, working with fabricators, artists,and clients to inform a holistic design response to each unique project that they work on. Both Thomas and Jonathan believe in the importance of education in its relation to practice, and teach freelabs and design courses at Dalhousie’s School of Architecture.

hollis+morris is a design firm based out of Toronto; specializing in modern furniture. Our goal is to create timeless pieces of furniture that strive for progression while maintaining a simple elegance. Inspired by classic traditions, hollis+morris use the highest grade materials, weaving them together to produce honest and innovative pieces.


On King St. West @ TIFF


On King St. West @ TIFF


On King St. West @ TIFF


On King St. West @ TIFF


On King St. West @ TIFF


On Spadina Ave. outside of 8-11 Gallery


On Shaw St. outside of Artscape


Looking inside of the Situated Cinema

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drawing Plan
Drawing Elev