Chapter and Perverse

  • Linda Feesey’s Fuckhead Film Cycle at Fourth Annual 8 fest
  • January 29, 11pm $5
  • Trash Palace, 89-B Niagara St.

Part of Winter 2011

Pleasure Dome is honoured to co-present the work of Toronto filmmaker and former Collective member Linda Feesey at the Fourth Annual 8 fest Small-Gauge Film Festival (Jan 28 — 30). Sutured with a raucous soundtrack, Feesey’s early 8mm work (1989-90) cycles through ever more rebellious performances for the camera, from droll to deadpan to downright defiant. Subject to multiple exposures and blurred and scratched frames, the celluloid exposes transgressive motifs of bondage, self-mutilation and weapon fetish carefully structured into visually captivating vignettes. “I wanted (in making these films) to develop a cinema from the ground up. I followed my instincts using the camera as a recording device and a participant in acts of ritual empowerment.” Linda Feesey