Andrew Lampert’s Live Performance: Cinema is Not Celluloid

  • Co-presentation with Images Festival 2011
  • Wednesday, April 8, 9:30 pm
  • Polish Combatants Hall, 206 Beverley St.

Part of Winter 2011

An archivist by trade, Andrew Lampert spends his days reconstructing and preserving films, combining elements and materials to create a physical catalogue of significant works available in unchanging form to contemporary and future audiences. As an artist he tends to reverse this process, separating the elements that comprise a film to draw attention to the shifting relationships between sound and image, history, memory and time. His performances consist of silent films with live narration, sound tracks with live projection or a combination of both. The illusion of reality is sacrificed to the reality of the moment and the accidents that happen when elements are out of sync: “The projector and the screen and the projectionist and the audience together are far more integral to cinema than any film running through a projector in a booth behind the audience.” For Lampert, cinema is what happens in the moment, and his performances engage with the layers and intersections of time as it is recalled, recorded, projected and replayed.

Lampert will perform the works Am I From Brooklyn? an autobiographical guided tour of Brooklyn and beyond; Rigmarole Reversal a non-sync account of a lost soundtrack; and Caroline Golum As in which the eponymous actress auditions to play the filmmaker’s great great great great great aunt in late 1700s Siberia.

Born in the mid-70s in the Midwest, Andrew Lampert primarily produces films, videos and live performances. Over the last decade his works have been widely exhibited at festivals (NY Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Kill Your Timid Notion), in cinemas (BFI, Light Industry), in galleries (Mitchell Algus Gallery, [NYC] and Associates, [London]), performance venues (The Kitchen, [NYC] and The Center for Contemporary Art, [Glasgow]), museums (The Getty Museum, [Los Angeles] and The Whitney Museum of American Art) and elsewhere. Lampert lives in Brooklyn, works as Archivist at Anthology Film Archives and is researching the seamy underbelly of the music industry for a theatrical production.  Images Festival