Inside Annie Sprinkle

  • Sex, Fun & Film with Annie Sprinkle In Person
  • Wednesday, November 19, 8 pm $2 members/ $3 non-members
  • A Space 183 Bathurst St. #301

Part of Winter 1992

Annie Sprinkle, the Sex Diva of NYC, brings her films and videos to Toronto! In conjunction with her performance Post Porn Modern presented by A Space, Annie will be screening the local premiere of her newest video The Sluts and Goddesses Transformation Salon (made with Maria Beatty) and other rarely seen work at Pleasure Dome. Since being a porn star in the 70s and early 80s Annie has become a performance artist, video/filmmaker and noted champion of sexual freedom in all forms. Her Sprinkle Salon in New York has become a kind of 90’s version of Warhol’s Factory. The Salon conducts workshops for women and others on sexual self-discovery and transformation, and is a site for producing film/video and print material promoting sexual freedom of expression in art and life. Her new video is based on one of these workshops and is typical of the cutting mix of new age and bad girl sensibilities which Annie employs. “I research sex, I research my own sexuality, other people’s sexuality, and sex in our society…I don’t just go to college and read books. I’ve gone into prostitution and pornography and kinky sex clubs or whatever. But I’ve also been in Ashrams, I’ve been on top of mountains”.

Rainbow Showers Annie Sprinkle, 10 min, 1988.
Made for New York’s infamous cable TV system, Annie stars in a parody of a television-style exposé featuring a couple confessing their `deviant sexual habits’. Reassuring the viewer as to how normal their sexlife really is – while gorging themselves on a huge meal – the couple then demonstrates exactly what a rainbow shower is. Complete with Campbell’s soup special effects.

8mm Loop Film and Narration Annie Sprinkle, 10 min, 1992.
Annie will present a live `deconstruction’ through narration of an 8mm loop film from her long porn career. Annie made over 175 loops and features during the 70s and early 80s.

The Sluts and Goddesses Transformation Salon Maria Beatty & Annie Sprinkle, 45 min, 1992.

The Sluts and Goddesses Transformation Salon grew out of a workshop which was described as “an enlightening, guided, self-discovering, dress-up event for women…We’ll chant, awaken our senses, belly dance, and learn ancient Tantric/Taoist techniques to build and channel our sexual energy (sexercises). Then we’ll explore our sluts within by trying on a variety of lingerie, corsets, six inch spiked high heels, leather garters, false eyelashes, fake finger nails, wigs, gaudy jewellery, etc.” The viewer is guided through the video by Annie and her team of `Transformation Facilitators’ and encounters the more exotic side of pleasure: flagellation by oak leaves, ritual body painting, gender bending, passionate safe sex, and more. Sluts and Goddesses unleashes women’s sexual powers and reminds us that sex is sacred and fun.