• A Benefit Screening & Auction Celebrating Pleasure Dome’s 20th Anniversary
  • Tuesday, June 22, Screening 7:30pm sharp, Silent Auction 8:30—9:15 pm
  • Mercer Union, 1286 Bloor St. West $20 at the door.

Part of Summer 2010

Watch and bid on Single Edition Video Art Works by:
Mike Hoolboom, Alison S.M. Kobayashi, Guy Maddin, Laurel Nakadate, Michael Snow and Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby

In celebration of Pleasure Dome’s 20th birthday, we invited six artists who helped define our history to help shape our future by participating in this very special project, Flipworks. In January we sent six Flip Ultra HD Pocket Digital Camcorders (which can record up to two hours of HD video) to six internationally celebrated artists. They were asked to create an original one-of-a kind video on the Flip camcorder over a five-month period. On June 22nd, the actual cameras containing the newly commissioned artworks on their flash drives will be auctioned at Mercer Union to benefit Pleasure Dome’s ongoing programming activities. There will be a one-hour screening of excerpts from all six works at 7:30pm followed by the Silent Auction from 8:30—9pm with cash bar and hors d’oeuvres.

World Premiere & Auction of Single Edition HD Video Works by:

Mike Hoolboom, Exit Wound, 5 min, 2010 “A Mexican elegy. With Eduardo Thomas, Caspar Stracke, Gabriela Monroy, John Price, Romy Cola, Gary Popovich, Maya Popovich, Sasa Popovich, Philip Hoolboom, Marleen Hoolboom, Gerry Hoolboom, 18 headless chickens, two projectionists, the boy at the wrestling match, the lady in the glass box, three Leon garbage workers, Playboy bunnies, a pair of bus station police and their sleeping dog, a street vendor, a black dog with blue eyes and Jesus. Script assistance by Patti Smith and Anne Carson.” MH

Alison S. M. Kobayashi, Pleasure Dome, 10 min, 2010 “Very little is publicly known about what is inside Pleasure Dome. We sought to learn more about Pleasure Dome by closely examining its characters. The goal was to create an objective look at a very singular place. It is clear that there are number of things that have found their origin in Pleasure Dome but have never escaped Pleasure Dome. We asked the inhabitants to share some of Pleasure Dome’s idiosyncrasies. A lottery was conducted and ten people were selected. This video is a sample of those findings.” AK

Guy Maddin, Ariber Kop” That’s Yiddish for “Over the Head.”, 24 min, 2010. Music by Erika Szabo.“Young ballet dancers contemplate from within the luminous halos of their compact purviews the wattled whateverness of their vague futures in something like a series of screen tests.”GM

Laurel Nakadate, Love letter number twenty-two, 3:17 min, 2010 Music by Deer Tick from ‘daytrotter session’ recorded June 22, 2009

Michael Snow, Between Seasons, 118 min, 2010 “I set the camera on a tripod looking down at the street in one of the windows of my 3rd floor office. Occasionally when I was in the office working, I turned the camera on and let it record whatever did or did not happen. I didn’t choose events. I saw them later. I did choose light qualities and weather. The result is not very dynamic but as a motion-painting, some modestly surprising things do happen (eg, the actions of some birds in one shot) and I think it will be interesting to just have or (like apainting) to look at occasionally.” MS

Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby, The Beauty is Relentless, 12 min, 2010

WIN a Flip HD camcorder at the event: tickets $5/ 3 for $10.