FAG OFF! J.D’s HomoPunk HitParade

  • Friday, January 29, 11pm
  • Canadian Corps Headquarters 201 Niagara Street (just South of King W.)

Part of Winter 2010

J.D’s HomoPunk HitParade @ the 8 fest 2010 (Jan. 29 — 31)

A rare chance to catch the early films of Toronto’s original queer punk provocateurs: the J.Ds crew. Featured selections include work from Bruce LaBruce and his cinema-conspirator Candy Parker, plus an entirely new movie by J.D’s co-creator G.B Jones herself — her first film since completing her epic The Lollipop Generation in 2008. Works include Slam, I know what it’s like to be dead, Boy/Girl by BlaB, Bruce’s Home Movies by BlaB and Pepper, Sexbombs by Candy Parker, plus John Porter’s Fifth Column at The Funnel and GBs new movie Outtakes.


Celebrating its third year of bringing small gauge films to Toronto audiences, the 8 fest 2010 features seven screenings at the Canadian Corps HQ from January 29-31, as well as a six installations running concurrently at Fountain Enterprises (1261 Dundas Street W.) from January 27 — 31. Curated screenings featuring Acadian Super 8, Japanese Single 8 and a historical survey of 1980s Canadian super 8 share the spotlight with a super 8 documentary set in the small town of Guardiarega, Italy, films for Toronto’s queer punk scene, a polyphonic super 8 mash-up and a survey of recent work on super 8. More info at www.the8fest.com