West coast invades the East

  • Curated by Julie Saragosa for the 8 fest Small-Gauge Film Festival
  • Friday, January 30, 7pm $5
  • Trash Palace, 89-B Niagara St.

Part of Winter 2009

Pleasure Dome is pleased to be part of the 2nd Annual 8 fest Small-Gauge Film Festival celebrating all forms of small-gauge film: 8mm, Super 8 and 9.5mm, as well as works in installation, loops, and ‘proto-cinema devices’.

Curated by Julie Saragosa, this programme features work from The Project8 Film Collective, a group of small-format filmmakers from Vancouver. Every year, the Project8 Film Collective share DIY and hand-made filmmaking techniques through a free mentorship program — the Super8 Boot Camp — that helps develop a diverse community of local, independent filmmakers by providing access and resources to people interested in learning how to make a Super 8 film. This screening represents work made by participants of the Boot Camp, the collective members, and work that has been screened at Project8’s annual festival.

In the spirit of DIY, these works often project non-conformist, autobiographical voices of resistance that emerge from unique and bizarre, hand-processed explorations of the medium. Films by: C.J. Brabant, Ian MacTilstra, Sacha Fink, Nancy Lizuck, Kathleen Gowman, Sara Young, Diane Thorn Jacobs & Andrew Robert Smith, Amanda Dawn Christie, Liz Glowacki, Scott Amos and Leah Finkel.

All films in Super 8! For more information on the 8 fest, check out www.the8fest.com.