Sorry, Baby, but You’re Disturbing My Fantasy

  • Videos by Nina Könnemann (in Person), Anna Berger, Keren Cytter, Viola Klein and Claus Richter.Videos by Nina Könnemann (in Person), Anna Berger, Keren Cytter, Viola Klein and Claus Richter.
  • Sunday, February 22, 8pm $8/ 5 members
  • CineCycle, 129 Spadina Ave.

Part of Winter 2009

In this program of Canadian premieres, the production of illusion is taken out of the hands of the entertainment industry. These new videos by artists living in Germany show the protagonists useing fantasy to conquer the everyday: a Captain Hook character in an auto factory in Claus Richter’s Mechanized Conveyor Cave or the drag queens who form a “church of the invisible” in Viola Klein’s Raw. Anna Berger copes with personal loss by using special effects as therapy in Untitled (German Competition Award Oberhausen 2006). Keren Cytter disrupts the fantasy looking at the naked truth, in her screwball comedy The Mirror . The films by special guest Nina Könnemann, in Toronto for her solo show at Gallery TPW, look at fantasy production, backstage. In the sidelines and aftermaths of public mega events, fun is getting complicated, just as the certainty of what kind of performance we are watching.


Nina Könnemann, Talon, 2 min, 2006

Claus Richter, Mechanized Conveyor Cave, 4 min, 2007

Nina Könnemann, Pleasure Beach, 8 min., 2000

Nina Könnemann, MUD, 8 min, 2001

Viola Klein, RAW, 22 min., 2007

Keren Cytter, Der Spiegel ( The mirror), 4 min., 2007

Nina Könnemann, Firmling, 3 min, 2004

Anna Berger, Untitled, 12 min, 2005