• Redmond Entwistle in Person
  • Saturday, October 17, 8pm Free
  • Gallery TPW, 56 Ossington Ave.

Part of Fall 2009

A co-presentation with Gallery TPW and LIFT

Underscoring the performative impulse inherent in the moving image event and the role of the cinema auditorium as a discursive space, Redmond Entwistle’s new project Satellite is a site-specific work for presentation at Gallery TPW and a deliberation on film’s intricate relationship to liveness and presence. Deploying a structure informed by the long take in both avant-garde and narrative film, his project will explore the informal screening spaces located in storefronts around the city that diaspora communities establish for the communal viewing of satellite television. In doing so, Entwistle initiates a reflection on the role of the storefront space in the informal economies that often accompany both art production and communities dispersed through globalization. In Satelitte, the moving image becomes a prism refracting both the present space and the audience in attendance at Gallery TPW with these other spaces and experiences of collective viewing around Toronto.

Satellite is co-presented as part of the ongoing series You Had To Be There at Gallery TPW. Redmond Entwistle’s production is made possible by a residency hosted by the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT).

Entwistle’s work employs documentary and abstract modes of filmmaking, often investigating histories of social displacement. Drawing on the unreliability of the filmic medium and the subjective quality of recollection, the relationship between place and memory is a theme that recurs in moving image practice. Filmmaker Redmond Entwistle (born London, 1977, lives in London and New York) homes in on these properties, demonstrating how they relate to the space of the auditorium, while also illustrating film’s historic relationship to the development of cities. Entwistle’s films create portraits of cities as both spatial entities and sites for personal testimony, by skirting around their edges or by focusing on the invisible or the implied.

Redmond Entwistle is an artist-filmmaker currently living in New York. Entwistle employs documentary and abstract modes of film-making, often investigating histories of social displacement and creating portraits of cities anchored on the invisible or the implied. Recent works include Monuments (2009), Skein (2007), and Paterson-Lódz (2006). Entwistle studied at California Institute of the Arts and the Whitney Independent Study Program. He has presented projects in recent group shows at Miguel Abreu Gallery (NY), Nought to Sixty (ICA, London) and has an upcoming solo exhibition at Art in General (NY).