New Toronto Works Show

  • Curated by Lisa Kennedy, Kevin Murray and Tara Schorr
  • Saturday, March 15, 8 pm
  • Latvian House, 491 College St.

Part of Winter 2008

Pleasure Dome presents the 15th annual New Toronto Works Show. It is that time of year to check out the latest of local experimental film and video by artists both familiar and not so familiar. Please join us in celebrating the beautiful, the poetic and strangest of the strange in film and video from Toronto based artists. We hope to see you there!

Mourning Sunshine by Cara Spooner and Alicia Grant, video by Daniel Cockburn. (installation)
View From the Falls , John Price, 7:00 35mm film
Memo to Pic Desk , Chris Kennedy & Anna van der Meulen) 6:30 16mm film
A Firefly, Kelly Egan, 2:15 35mm film
Toro Bravo (Brave Bull), Madi Piller, 3:30 35mm film
Party Tape #52, Jubal Brown, 6:00 video
Conditions , Laurel Woodcock, 2:17 video
Exquisite Corpses, David Frankovich, 16:50 video
Breakdance Hunx (Market Value Mix), John Caffery & Sarah Haywood, 5:00 film on video
Good Luck Counting Sheep , Khanhthuan Tran, 3:48 video
Scheme, Tracy German & son, 1:50 film on video
Black, Guillermina Buzio & Jorge Lozano, 5:49 video
Party #4, John Price, 2:45 35mm film
Wanda & Miles, Lesley Chan, 12:26 video