Landscape of Mind: Location, Location, Location

  • Frederic Worden, USA, Emmanuel Lefrant, France, Julie Murray, Ireland; Curated by Barbara Sternberg
  • Saturday, February 3, 8pm
  • Cinecycle, 129 Spadina Ave.

Part of Winter 2007

The films in this programme are, for the most part, abstract or use representational images to abstract ends &lrquo;” Emmanuel Lefrant speaks of his cameraless films as being in the Landscape Art tradition; Frederic Worden’s films are called Here and The OR Cloud (which is short for ORT Cloud , a cluster of rocks orbiting in outer space); and Julie Murray’s Orchard is really that, shots of an orchard. Hence the title of the show &lrquo;” Landscape of Mind: Location, Location, Location &lrquo;” a selection of films of differing techniques which cover the optical landscape: external ground, inner mind, cosmic universe.

Julie Murray works in a number of different styles: collage, animation, landscape. Exquisitely shot and edited, Murray’s films are located somewhere we recognize – they just don’t stay there. “ &lrquo;¦in all of Murray’s films, the images and the editing can pull several ways at once. There are no absolutes, and even the light by which we see is altered by the material it passes through.” (Fred Camper) Emmanuel Lefrant works on speed, rhythm, materiality, and colour, and on developing the “secret forms” in the emulsion. Frederic Worden’s films develop from his interest in intermittent projection as the source of cinema’s primordial powers &lrquo;” a cinema of pure energy that bypasses the discursive mind and goes right at the body; a cinema of direct experiences that stalks the unforeseen, non-translatable. (Barbara Sternberg)