Semiconductor’s Sonic Inc.

  • Friday, April 15, 9:15pm
  • @ Innis Town Hall, Innis College, 2 Sussex Ave.

Part of Winter 2005

A co-presentation with the Images Festival

Semiconductor’s latest contribution to the genre of live cinema is their dedicated live performance software Sonic Inc., a real-time 3D drawing tool, where creations are realised by specific sound inputs and user interaction, producing dynamic audio created, and controlled environments. By embracing the computer as co-conspirator, they are revealing new modes of artificial expression. Semiconductor’s performance charts the beginning of an artificial world and its shapeless inhabitants. We follow the evolution of an unformed landscape and its simple life forms which grow according to the sound-scape. Forming as basic structures and developing into creatures, they learn to move autonomously, grow, respond to and build their own environments.