Meesoo Lee In Person

  • A Nowhere Man Making Nowhere Videos for a Nowhere Land
  • Saturday, January 29, 8 pm
  • @ Cinecycle, 129 Spadina Ave.

Part of Winter 2005

A co-presentation with the Images Festival

There is no reason for us to exist at all. There is no meaning to life on earth. After all, the universe does not care if we live or die, make art or war, it only matters to us. From this existential truth comes the paradox of Meesoo Lee. He lives, he creates and he loves. Lee’s oeuvre presents a video vitrine sealed off from the indoctrination of history and ideas, uncontaminated by the demented (and precious) notions that separate pathology from pathos and infer that both are inferior. Inferior to what?

His minimal style is that of the true voyeur; the one who loves to watch and stare. Hence, his videos are languid and liquid. The images he finds and creates are so wonderful just as they are. They must be savoured to be appreciated. In their wrongness and strangeness, lies their transient beauty. Pleasure Dome with the support and sponsorship from the Images Festival is pleased to co-present this extensive collective of video works by Meesoo Lee.

“Making a video is something pleasurably absorbing and productive. It might only be an extension of the desire to watch more TV, but I’m an image addict and I have to watch something. With the magic of computers, images can be manipulated very easily but it’s not really about control… its about the moment you can give up control and retreat back to the comfortable position of being a voyeur again. I sit back and watch my own videos over an over and think each one is a little masterpiece. I love each an every one of them, even the ones that obviously suck. And by extension, I think I am learning to love myself (and that’s what my work is really about and why I do it).” (Meesoo Lee)