The presstapes are Luis Recoder + Sandra Gibson (In Person)

  • Saturday, April 17, 9:30 pm $8/$5 Members
  • @ Latvian House, 491 College St.

Part of Winter 2004

A co-presentation with the Images Festival (

Pleasure Dome and the Images Festival are pleased to present the work of acclaimed American experimental filmmakers Luis Recoder and Sandra Gibson. Recoder and Gibson are working within a significant tradition of artists who work directly on the photochemical surface of their medium, frequently using multiple projectors and presenting many of their films as live performance.

Recoder’s meta-cinema has propelled him into a kind of semi-stardom of his own. In the last three years, his films and film performances have appeared in the New York Film Festival, the Viennale, the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, and the Anthology Film Archives. Recoder and Gibson work has recently been selected to screen in the 2004 Whitney Biennial. Whitney curator Chrissie Iles compares their films to the work of light sculptor James Turrell: both artists use light to explore the boundaries between the palpable and the insubstantial.

Originally trained as a painter, Gibson has taken the exploration of shape and color to the medium of film. While her earlier films (Soundings, 2001; Edgeways, 1999) were made with the optical printer, recent works address the film’s surface directly. Her films have been widely screened at such venues as the Cinematheque Ontario, the London Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, VideoEx and the Pacific Film Archive.

Aside from screening their own films they have formed the collaborative duo, the presstapes, often performing with double 35mm projectors to create an ever cascading canvas of color fields and light diffractions. The programme will include Outline (Gibson, 2003), Color Test (Gibson, 2003), Ribbon (Gibson, 2002), The Optic Curve (Recoder, 2003), Linea (Recoder, 2002), Shift (Recoder, 2001) and A Sourceful of Secrets (the presstapes, 2002-2003).