Highlights from the 2003 Osnabrück European Media Art Festival

  • Thursday, April 1, 7 pm
  • @ Goethe-Institut’s Kinowelt Hall, 163 King St. West

Part of Winter 2004

A co-presentation with the Goethe-Institut

Pleasure Dome and the Goethe-Institut are pleased to co-present this extensive programme of recent media art from the 2003 Osnabrück European Media Art Festival. The Osnabrück Festival in central Germany is one of best-known events for analogue and digital media art in Europe. The 2003 festival focused on film, video and digital works that explored the area of tension between visions, stories and crossovers. This touring programme compiles highlights and important works from a wide range of international artists (Pip Chodorov, France; Jim Finn, USA; Bjorn Melhus, Germany; Tina Gonsalves, Australia) showcasing their different approaches and use of techniques, and their art of reflecting personal and social experiences with the medium by designing new worlds of images and creating different narrative structures.

This programme is part of the Goethe-Institut’s month long focus on experimental film and photography, which focuses primarily on the work of Berlin artist Heinz Emigholz and Toronto artist Michael Snow opening on March 10th. Details on the screenings can be found at www.goethe.de/uk/tor/