New Toronto Works Show

  • Curated by Julie Saragosa, Katie Varney and Sylvie Wisniewski Saturday, February 22, 8 pm
  • @ Latvian House, 491 College St.

Part of Winter 2003

A co-presentation with CFMDC and Vtape

Hilarity, Titillation, Stimulation, Bleeding, Spitting, Sex, Static, Sleazy, Cheesy, Creepy, Shocking, Wondrous, Colours, Scratches, Matches, Sweat, Cum, Compression, Interface, Discharge, Lingerie, Boys, Girls, Sprockets, Technology, Movement, Vision, Pleasure, Riding, Anxiety, Silence, Meditations, Perceptions, Lucidity, Loss, Denial, Precious, Pixilated, Grainy, Seductive, Disturbing, Banal, Sublime, Bodies, Desire, Beasts, Beauties, Tits, Ass, Zoom-in, Focus.

Come see what’s fresh at the New Toronto Works Show, an annual exhibition of short experimental work in film, video and installation by local artists. Here is your opportunity to see the best from 2002 complied into one programme by a curatorial team of Pleasure Dome members. Come celebrate with us by cozying up to the flickering lights of your favourite and emerging art stars.


8.7 MB, Jeremy Bailey (6:00 min.)

Anxiety Resonator, Day Milman (4:00 min.)

Beastboy, Scott Treleaven (3:00 min.)

Seed, Leslie Peters (4:20 min.)

Untitled Human #1: Ride, Deirdre Logue (7:00 min.)

Cope/Deny, Nicholas Flood (2:40 min.)

Approximations: Dec. 31, 2000, Johanna Householder and b. h. Yael (7:00 min.)

Cherries in the Snow, Melissa Levin (4:00 min.)

Cinema and Visual Pleasure, Annie MacDonell (9:00 min.)

Pink-eyed Pet, Allyson Mitchell and Lex Vaughn (3:00 min.)

Jack, Mike Hoolboom (15:00 min.)

Partisan, Dylan Reibling (4:00 min.)

Doppelganger, Lex Vaughn and John Caffery (4:30 min.)

Death to all Film, Karim Zouak (5:00 min.)

The Apotheosis of Everything, Daniel Borins (10:00 min.)

J LO HI LO (version two), Alissa Firth-Eagland (1:30 min.)

Blackboard, Irine Bindi (5:00 min.)

When the Limp Wrist Set Took Over the Power Structures Trembled, Jon Davies (1:15 min.)

Semiotics of the Bathroom, Rob Ring (4:30 min.)

Lab Movie, Sebastjan Henrickson (12:00 min.)

oil wells: sturgeon road & 97th street, Christina Battle (3:00 min.)

Catch Static, Jillian Locke (4:30 min.)

Birds of Prey and Slug, Matt Crookshank (3:30 min.)