Mono Logical

  • Video, Film & Performance by Andrew J. Paterson (In Person)
  • Saturday, November 15, 8 pm
  • @ Latvian House, 491 College St.

Part of Fall 2003

A co-presentation with 7a*11d

Pleasure Dome and 7a*11d are thrilled to present a performance by the legendary Downtown artist Andrew James Paterson. Comprising film, video, and live monologues, Mono Logical consists of clips from Paterson’s narrative and performance-based video works from the early 80s up until the early 90s, in tandem with his new shorter digital media works and his recent super 8 tone poems. Mono Logical’s trajectory begins with Paterson’s infamous “New Wave” band The Government. It will include excerpts from such works as his pop-mockumentary Immortality, his paranoid language-thriller Who Killed Professor Wordsworth?, and the split-frame art-bureaucratic Socratic dialogue Controlled Environments. The collaged programme will also highlight recent short works like The Walking Philosopher, Snowjob and The Headmaster’s Ritual – tapes and films combining photographic tracking shots, montages of mediated found images, and voice-over discourses concerning urban space, global economics, and sexual possibilities. These performative dispatches contain their own various logics, and audiences will be encouraged to make their own associations and perhaps even draw their own conclusions. Mono Logical promises to throw curveballs and suggest parallel U-turns. Paterson will of course be present and available for creative interrogation after the program.


(In the Foyer)
Performance: A Performance, 1995, document of A Space performance.
Symptoms of Whatever, 1998, document of FADO performance.

(In the Main Hall)
Footage of The Government Performing Live, 1982, John Porter, Super-8 from Funnel benefit.

How Many Fingers?, 1981, co-dir. Andrew Paterson and Alan Fox for The Government, featuring Robert Stewart and Billy Bryans. Telidon video game designed by Robin Collyer.

Instafeed, 1983, commercial made and exhibited at Chromaliving, with Ann-Marie Sannella and Amy Wilson.

Pink in Public, 1993 (opening monologue)

Monologue # 1 (the anti-professor) with super 8 projection.

Who Killed Professor Wordsworth?, 1990, with Robert Kennedy, Randy Gledhill and Peter Fitting.

The Walking Philosopher, 1999-2001 (on super 8 and video – sound on video)

Monologue # 2 (the anti-professor’s student) with super 8 projection.

Name the Speaker, Toast the City, 1995, co-dir. Andrew Paterson and Eric Metcalfe for Western Front Productions featuring Paul Wong.

Snowjob, 2001 (commisioned by Pleasure Dome for Blueprint project)

Who Killed Professor Wordsworth?, 1990, with Gary Kibbins and Robert Kennedy.

Monologue # 3 (the 26 word a-z poet) with super 8 projection.

Immortality, 1987, with Michael Balser.

Cash and Carry, 1999, produced by Ed Video, Guelph, for Don’t Bank On It program.

How Many Fingers? 1981, co-dir. Andrew Paterson and Alan Fox with many extras!

Motion Purveyor, 2001, super 8 (dedicated to Reid Diamond)


Monologue # 4 (the cop) with super 8 projection

Hygiene, 1985, co-dir. Andrew Paterson and Jorge Lozano.

Monologue # 5 (the driver) with super 8 projection

Immortality, 1987

Because of the Weather, 1987, from Diderot compilation Television and the Channels of Culture.

Monologue # 6 (the improvising musician – live guitar)

Name the Speaker, Toast the City, 1995, featuring John O’Brian.

Controlled Environments, 1992 – 4 Anarchy

The Headmaster’s Ritual, 2002 (super 8 and video with sound and music-sound on video.

Monologue # 7 (the priest and his forgiving litany)

Controlled Environments, 1992 – 4 Resignation

Andrew James Paterson would like to thank: Exclusive Films, Kevin Kelly, EXILE, Louise Liliefeldt, Graham Hollings, James MacSwain, Michael Balser, Jeanne Randolph, John Porter, and Milada Kovacova.