• Classic Jack: Super 8 to DV (In Person)
  • Saturday, November 1, 8 pm
  • @ Latvian House, 491 College St.

Part of Fall 2003

Fastwürms (Kim Kozzi and Dai Skuse) originally came together in 1979 to work on hardcore super 8 films. These early collaborations grew into an exclusive partnership and shared authorship, and a wide-reaching multidisciplinary practice, but Fastwürms’ root and source language has always been the queer and weirding ways of reading popular culture, music, cinema and television. This programme brings together a wide collection of work from the early super 8 to the most recent digital video Button Push (33:00 min., 2003).

“Button Push is a cultural construction about the symphony of blood and outer space awe, the dialectics of the firing sequence, re-entry anxiety, the haunted dress, death and sex. The tease of the toggle switch must inevitably pay off with big bang candy. The hesitant flick and the finger push rhythm builds up to the climax of sparks, jagged chunks, flaming balls, apocalyptic spew and cataclysmic cum: From above, a Witch spreads her Crowley deck on a bleached denim, magic marker pentagram card table cover, below an orange shag rug, behind a louvered walnut Hi Fi cabinet, the sound of the needle in the groove pumping out SALT-N-PEPA, Hot Cool Vicious, Push It (Remix).” (Fastwürms)