Memento Mori

  • Films by Jim Hubbard (In Person)
  • Thursday, June 27, 8 pm
  • @ Cinecycle, 129 Spadina Ave.

Part of Summer 2002

Curated by Scott Berry

Pleasure Dome is pleased to host New York filmmaker Jim Hubbard as he presents a programme of films made between 1981 and 1998, and screening for the first time in Toronto.

“So, if we are to expose the truth, dig deeper into the meaning of things, create beautiful images, tell something about our true selves,
change the world, in short, to be artists, we have no choice. A life as a radical gay man or lesbian and as an artist demands a radical vision and a radical art.” (Jim Hubbard)

“Jim Hubbard’s films are a deft combination of personal and political. He explores universal subjects: AIDS, illness, protest, eulogy and liberation with a distinctly queer lens. He documents and celebrates life that creates art in the face of immense obstruction. Hubbard’s handmade films of demonstrations and early gay marches vary in light and texture, his frames exclude banners, leaving you free to observe [often in silence] the expressions and gestures of the demonstrators. In his later works, he creates personal short films about artists, their triumphs and struggles. These films impart a sense of poignancy and brotherly loving in the age of AIDS. Jim Hubbard has been hand-processing films since 1974. He is the co-founder of MIX: The New York Lesbian/Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival, which at 15 is the eldest queer film festival in New York City. He most recently curated “Fever in the Archive: AIDS Activist Video and Film from the Royal S. Marks Collection” at the Guggenheim Museum. As an archivist, curator and experimental filmmaker, Jim is committed to the preservation and documentation of queer moving images. His films are testimonials to these commitments.” (Scott Berry)

Special thanks to: Jim Hubbard, Susan Chainey, Michael Schiller, Dominic Angerame, Robert Haller, Andrew Lampert, Pleasure Dome & Reel Out.