Pure Protein @ Vazeline!

  • Stephen Kent Jusick In Person
  • Friday, November 23, 10 pm
  • @ Lee’s Palace, 529 Bloor St. West

Part of Fall 2001

NYC small-gauge guru Stephen Kent Jusick brings 8mm oddities and mundanities of gay male porn films from the golden years gone by to Vazeline! “Back in the day, porn producers thought they were making sexually explicit art, and contributing to gay culture. So in addition to tracking down willing hunks, they would sometimes spend time on things like plot and set design or location, even camerawork! See Joe Dallesandro giving his all, Gordon Grant, Kip Noll, Al Parker and more. Bodies like you never see now (some kina scrawny, covered with hair), doing things censored from today‚Äôs sanitized video porn! And check out those fashions, haircuts and bodies! Special multiple film and video projection presentation.” (The Blinding Light!! Cinema)