New Toronto Works Show

  • Curated by Daniel Cockburn, Thomas Hirschman and Bronwyn Singleton
  • Saturday, February 3, 8 pm
  • @ Latvian House, 491 College St.

Part of Winter 2001

Saucy, moving, and reprehensible! Come see what your friends and neighbours were up to in the century’s dying moments. Laurel Woodcock presents a dancing bug whose time has finally come; Jeremy Drummond comes clean of his baby-sitter trauma nostalgia; Will Kwan takes Borges on a tour of Chinatown; and Hilda Rasula and Chris Chong serve up pulsations to groove and/or trance your senses. Offerings from Wrik Mead, Istvan Kantor, Daniel Borins and more of Toronto’s finest knowns and gonna-be-knowns make this members-curated screening a seductive alchemic mix. Arrive early to see John Porter’s latest Super 8 film performance, check out the half-time video installations by Tasman Richardson and Deirdre Logue and join us for a post-screening debauchery at Liquid Lounge, 577 College St. 2nd floor.

Pre-screening – New Super 8 Film Performance – John Porter


Operetta – Laurel Woodcock – video
Minus – Chris Chong – 16mm
Je changerais d’avis – Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay – video
The Bather – Cameron Esler – video
Flow – Rose Kallal – 16mm
The Walking Philosopher – Andrew J. Paterson – Super 8
Broadcast (excerpt ) – Istvan Kantor – video
Chinatown – Will Kwan – video
Sounds of Silence – Daniel Borins – video
I Love You… I Want To Be Inside You – Matthew Brown – video
Krajk – Hilda Rasula – video
Camp – Wrik Mead – video
Enlightened Nonsense – Deirdre Logue (excerpts) – video
West Coast Reduction – John Price – 16mm
I Touch Myself – Jeremy Drummond – video
+Atari 2600 remixes (installation in the foyer) – Tasman Richardson