Learning to Love You More: Videos by Miranda July (In Person)

  • @ TRANZ <---> TECH Toronto International Video Art Biennial (October 11 – 14)
  • Friday, October 12, 10 pm
  • @ Latvian House, 491 College St.

Part of Fall 2001

A co-presentation with Mercer Union and Artcite/House of Toast

Pleasure Dome is honoured to co-present the video work of Miranda July as part of the extensive programming for the 2nd TRANZ TECH International Video Art Biennial. Miranda July is a Portland-based multimedia performer, video and recording artist whose work has reverberated at festivals and media art venues around the world since completing her first piece in 1996.


Atlanta (10:00 min., 1996),
The Amateurist (14:00 min., 1998)
Nest of Tens (27:00 min., 1999)
Getting Stronger Every Day (6:30 min., 2001).

“There is no desire in Miranda July’s work, only fear. Her narratives do not proceed by means of an obstacle the protagonist means to surmount. Instead of desire traversing an obstacle, July proceeds through fear of a trauma which struggles to be named, but remains resolutely unnamable. This is not to say the work dramatizes a struggle to elucidate some particular primal scene as a kind of ur-trauma. July’s trauma is an anti-libidinous blob which structures all subjectivity by being always present, yet completely unknowable. It is everywhere and nowhere. ” (Steve Reinke)

Artist Talk with Miranda July
Wednesday, October 10, 7 pm Free!
@ Cinecycle, 129 Spadina Ave.
A co-presentation with Mercer Union

In 1995, Miranda July founded Joanie 4 Jackie (formerly Miss Movieola), an alternative distribution system so that women and girls could see each other’s work. It is currently screening and distributing over 100 films/videos and receiving more every day. Every woman who sends her short film or video to Joanie 4 Jackie receives a Chainletter tape in the mail. “This is girl culture: no stammer no glamour.” Joanie 4 Jackie also receives submissions from women curators for the Co-Star Tapes – an on-going series of thematic compilations. Join Miranda July on Wednesday, October 10 at 7 pm (free admission) @ Cinecycle where she will discuss and screen this ongoing project, and with a little help from the audience, will spin the propeller of hope.

Miranda July will also be participating in the TRANZ TECH Artist Talk & Symposium; Escaping The Vacuum: New Means & New Tools, for a New Breed of Video Artist to be held on Sunday, October 14, 1 pm at the Steam Whistle Brewery at the Roundhouse.