Generation Hex: The Devil’s Screening Room

  • Genesis P-Orridge In Person
  • Saturday, November 10, 8 & 11 pm
  • @ Cinecycle, 129 Spadina Ave.

Part of Fall 2001

Curated by Scott Treleaven

A ‘Magickal Mystery Detour’ through some of cinemas darker trappings. This evening will be a sulphurous sampling of both well known and rarely seen occult gems by such renowned illuminati as Maya Deren, Cane CapoVolto, Genesis P-Orridge and Kenneth Anger. Curatorially inspired by Lucifer Rising’s infernal legacy, these works explore the redemptive, hallucinatory, and deeply mischievous influence of the occult on pop culture. Divine pandrogyne, Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, PsychicTV, &lrquo;˜Thee Majesty’) will be on hand to talk about his work.


Meshes of the Afternoon, Maya Deren, 1943 (14:00 min.)
Unclean, Psychic TV, 1984 (8:00 min.)
Evil and Pop Culture (Plagium 10), Cane CapoVolto, 1997 (16:00 min.)
Roman P. Volkswagen Ad, Psychic TV & Volkswagen, 1994 (1:00 min.)


Terminus, Psychic TV, 1984 (13:00 min.)
Lucifer Rising, Kenneth Anger, 1971 (28:00 min.)
8 Transmissions Two, Psychic TV/TOPY, 1982 (At 240:00 min. this video will screen on ambient monitors throughout the evening)
One of the infamous compilations that precipitated Scotland Yard’s brutal raid on Genesis P-Orridge’s home. Featuring: Derek Jarman as a Temple Spokesman, Rev.Jim Jones, and a graphic display of a TOPY (Temple Ov Psychic Youth [sic]) ritual. A thoroughly disquieting exploration of sexuality, ritual and magick. And more than a few surprises&lrquo;¦