New Toronto Works Show

  • Curated by Dara Gellman & Leslie Peters
  • Saturday, January 29, 8 pm
  • @ Latvian House, 491 College St.

Part of Winter 2000

The annual New Toronto Works Show presents an exciting programme of film and video works by a bevy of local artists. Curated by Pleasure Dome members Dara Gellman and Leslie Peters, this year’s programme highlights experimental tendencies and the exploration of narrative forms in recent local film and video production. This extraordinary range of new work, all produced in 1999, includes Allyson Mitchell’s Candy Kisses, Robert Kennedy’s Hi, I’m Steve, Chris McKay’s Fries With That, Elida Schogt’s Zyklon Portrait, Gunilla Josephson’s (loco)motive, Dana Inkster’s Welcome to Africville, Scott Beveridge’s Quiver, Su Rynard’s The Day Jesus Melted, Zachery Longboy’s The Stone Show, Jinhan Ko’s Off Road Event #1, Ian Jarvis’s Skin, Kevin Kilpatrick’s Landdrone, Douangta Inthavixay’s L.O.V.E, Michelle Kasprzak’s ENG, Michael Graham’s Chasing Wind and Tasman Richardson’s Germ.

The New Toronto Works Show is an eclectic mix of video and film work produced in 1999 by Toronto-based artists. Featuring both emerging and established artists’ work, the programme highlights a cross-section of genres and themes occurring in recent local artists’ film and video production. All of the works share, in varying degrees, an interest in experimenting with the more traditional confines of their genres.

Offering alternate and personal histories, Welcome to Africville, Zyklon Portrait and The Stone Show explore narratives of the loss of both people and places. The animated films Fries With That and Candy Kisses reveal the bittersweet humour of lost relationships. Hi, I’m Steve and The Day Jesus Melted recount stories of the search for meaning and connection. Off Road Event #1 and (loco)motive playfully subvert expectations, as do ENG and L.O.V.E., in their re-contextualization of media practices and framing devices. Quiver and Skin challenge notions of the taboo with their frank and personal revelations. Chasing Wind, Landdrone and Germ are atmospheric experiments that reveal the microcosms of our surroundings.


Jinhan Ko, Off Road Event #1, video, 0:35, 1999

Ian Jarvis, Skin, video, 2:00, 1999

Gunilla Josephson, (loco)motive, video, 4:00, 1999

Zachery Longboy, The Stone Show, video, 9:00, 1999

Michael Graham, Chasing Wind, video, 4:30, 1999

Elida Schogt, Zyklon Portrait, 16mm, 13:00, 1999

Michelle Kasprzak, ENG, video, 2:00, 1999

Douangta Inthavixay, L.O.V.E, video, 1:00, 1999

Chris McKay, Fries With That, 16mm 5:00, 1999


Dana Inkster, Welcome to Africville, video, 15:00, 1999

Su Rynard, The Day Jesus Melted, video, 3:00, 1999

Tasman Richardson, Germ, video, 2:15, 1999

Scott Beveridge, Quiver, 16mm, 5:00, 1999

Kevin Kilpatrick, Landdrone, video, 8:00, 1999

Allyson Mitchell, Candy Kisses, 16mm, 3:00, 1999

Robert Kennedy, Hi, I’m Steve, 16mm, 7:00, 1999