Genesis P-Orridge and ‘Thee Majesty’ (In Person)

  • Vintage COUM Video Transmissions & Performance
  • Thursday, November 23, 9 pm
  • @ Lee’s Palace, 491 Bloor St.

Part of Fall 2000

$15 non-members/$8 Pleasure Dome & TSV members (at the door)

$12 Advance tickets available at Pages, Record Peddler and TSV

A co-presentation with Trinity Square Video and FADO, with support from InterAccess and 7a*11d.

As it is/So be it. Prepare yourselves for an evening of video and performance by world renowned artist and cultural engineer, Genesis P-Orridge, who will be appearing live with Bryin Dall and Larry Thrasher as ‘Thee Majesty.’ Encapsulating P-Orridge’s legendary and prolific career is near impossible. In the early 70s his performance troupe, COUM, achieved wild infamy through their notorious ICA Prostitution show. He has continued to have an unparalleled influence on music and under-the-counter culture. He is recognized as the first person to coin the term ‘industrial music’ in describing his seminal band Throbbing Gristle. In the early 80s and 90s P-Orridge became one of the pioneering figures in Techno, Rave and Acid House with his multi-media group, Psychic TV. This unbelievable one-night event will feature: the World Premiere of the restored COUM Transmissions videos (unseen for over two decades!); a never before seen collaboration between Genesis and Skinny Puppy; Catalan, a film by Derek Jarman and Genesis P-Orridge; and a performance with P-Orridge himself and ‘Thee Majesty’ –Troubadours to the Worlds, performing their “expanded poetry” set.