A by Luther Price

  • An Imitation of Life
  • Saturday, June 24, 7 pm
  • @ Ted’s Wrecking Yard, 549 College St.

Part of Summer 2000

A co-presentation with Splice This!

Pleasure Dome will again have the pleasure of co-presenting with Splice This!, Toronto’s three-day fest celebrating the best of small gauge artists’ films. This year we bring forth one of America’s most dedicated super 8 filmmakers Luther Price, showcasing his 1995 70-minute film A. Watching Luther Price’s A is like experiencing David Lynch’s worst nightmare, from the tragic Isabella Rosselini-esque heroine, right down to the melancholic lounge soundtrack. Meticulously shot and assembled over a period of five years, Price has managed to evoke a sumptuous 50s noir narrative &lrquo;” straight out of a Diane Arbus photo, a drag queen torch singer is relentlessly haunted by images of suicide, violent murders, old tricks and her ghastly alter-ego. With a seemingly endless string of hunky suitors bearing gifts, and overflowing with smart references to Lynch, Kenneth Anger and John Waters, there are few super 8 films as ambitious or disturbing as A.