the toronto-postpunk-anarcho-industrial-later 80s-early 90s-super 8 thing

  • Friday, June 19, 9 pm
  • @ Ted’s Wrecking Yard, 549 College St.

Part of Summer 1998

A co-presentation with splice this! Guest curated by Jonathan Pollard

The title kind of says it all. This screening presents Toronto no-budget kitchen table edited 8mm productions with titles like Fuckhead Film Cycle, Sexbombs and Skull. From hardcore (punk) inspired work created around infamous Toronto zines, such as Dr. Smith and J.D.’s, to work of bad-ass attitude inspired by the industrial culture and anarchist scenes. The program includes films by Bruce LaBruce (his Slam which was burned by Canada Customs!), Linda Feesey, Candyland Productions, W.A. Davison, Nadia Sistonen and G.B. Jones.