Barbara Sternberg’s midst

  • Swept into the REM of Vision, Barbara Sternberg In Person
  • Friday, February 6, 8 pm, Cinecycle 129 Spadina Ave. (Rear entrance through alley.)

Part of Winter 1998

Pleasure Dome is pleased to premiere Barbara Sternberg’s most recent film midst as well as the 1997 short titled C’est La Vie. “In midst, Barbara Sternberg has made a lyrical film about attachment, integration, belonging. Many of the familiar elements of Sternberg’s work are here: speed, pulsing rhythms, explosions of colour, light and shape, images of nature and the built environment. But the conflicted situations and turmoil of earlier major films like Through & Through and Beating are gone. Instead, midst focuses dramatically on an understanding of the world through art, specifically painting, especially abstraction, here translated into filmic terms. Abstraction becomes the vehicle for taking on complexity, putting it all together in heightened moments of intense vision characteristic of ‘seeing into’ or ‘being at one’ with nature.” (Rae Davis)