Wrik Mead

  • Homo Eroticus
  • Friday, April 18, 9 pm Images Festival '97, Factory Theatre 125 Bathurst St. at Adelaide St. W.
  • $2 members/ $6 non-members Artist’s Talk: Saturday, April 19, 4 pm

Part of Spring/Summer 1997

Pleasure Dome and Images Festival ’97 are pleased to present the films of local-boy-made-good, Wrik Mead. This retrospective spans the past decade, offering up a dozen short films to soften the will and add muscle mass to the eyes. These pixillated psychodramas isolate moments of desire – Haven shows two cartoon boys getting it on; Closet Case shows a man working himself out of a bondage suit; Homebelly narrates a woman’s dreams of love; Warm shows a nude man struggling to his feet to lay a wet one on his lover’s nap; Frostbite depicts a man resuscitated by a lighthouse keeper. Come check out the maestro of the single frame. Watching these flicks there’s no doubt that the police are to society what dreams are for the individual.

Special thanks to Kika Thorne for design and production of the Homo Eroticus: Films of Wrik Mead catalogue.
Edited by Scott McLeod and Steve Reinke