Eroticize Intelligent

  • Films and Videos by Kika Thorne
  • Friday, July 18, 8 pm
  • Tallulah’s Cabaret, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre 12 Alexander St. $2 members/ $4 non-members

Part of Spring/Summer 1997

This program highlights local proflic artist, writer, film and videomaker Kika Thorne. ‘Come into my life: these films are my relationships – lover, sister, daddy, friend. Each intimacy reduced to a fiction of power.’ This evenings repertoire includes the super 8 films School, a bad movie about a bad schoolgirl, ‘the kind of spanking fetish film Disney would have made’; You=Architectural, a building of hetrosex proportions, three stories = three men, each with their own outcome of indifference, violence and excess pleasure; Sister, a Rock ‘n Roll softcore eulogy to Courtney Love; Robert Gets His Nipple Shaved starring Robert Kennedy as Mapplethorpe in a lowtech rip-off of Robert Gets His Nipple Pierced; Suspicious (made with Kelly O’Brien) a queer nursery rhyme, and the exhilarating call to activism, October 25th + 26th, 1996 as well as the latest roster of new films, videos and loops!

Films & Videos by Kika Thorne:
Suspicious©, 6 min., video 1995 (with Kelly O’Brien)
Whatever, 21 min., video, 1994
Sheet Sculpture, 8 min., video, 1996
School, 4 min., Super 8, 1996
Sister, 11 min., video, 1995
October 25th + 26th, 1996, 8.5 min., 1996
You= Architectural, 11 min., Super 8/ 16mm, 1991