Philip Hoffman

  • Recent Collaborations
  • Friday, March 3, 8 pm $2 members/$4 non-members
  • CineCycle 317 Spadina Ave. Rear

Part of Winter 1995

Since the success of ?O, Zoo! (1986), passing through/torn formations (1988) and Kitchener-Berlin (1990) –films which have been described as documentary that is fiction and fiction that is a ‘personal document’ — Philip Hoffman has been exploring a more collaborative approach in his recent open-ended, non-linear film and video projects. Pleasure Dome is pleased to present three recent collaborative works including the Canadian premiere of the 1995 film Sweep.

Technilogic Ordering (in collaboration with Stephen Butson, Heather Cook & Marian McMahon, video to film, 1994). This ‘television diary’, initiated during the Gulf War and completed in 1994, features short fragments of images collected from TV, rhythmically edited and spatially manipulated with kaleidoscopic effect.

Opening Series 3 (in collaboration with sound poet & writer Gerry Shikatani, 1995).
This installment initiates sound (by Gary Shikatani) into the ongoing project, and is made up of twelve short film segments/canisters. Guided by the images on the outside of the canisters, the audience, upon entering the screening, arranges the order of the segments.

Sweep (Philip Hoffman & Sami van Ingen. Sound design by Randall Smith, 1995, 30 min, 1986).
‘Sami called and asked me to go North with him and make a film about where his great-grandfather, Robert Flaherty, had been in Fort George. I suggested we stop in Kapuskasing to see the place where my mother’s family first settled when they arrived from Europe. Two men, on the road AGAIN, sifting through past worlds where there is everywhere, dusty remnants of the “great white father.” Colliding head on with the passing present, we see him living in us.’ (Philip Hoffman) The artists will be in attendance.