Ethnographies of the Disorient

  • Works by Feingold, Blumenthal and Baldwin Curated by Rosemary Heather
  • Friday, February 11, 8pm $2 members/ $3 non-members
  • CineCycle 317 Spadina Ave. Rear

Part of Winter 1994

In two videotapes which present other cultures as inaccessible and even indifferent to us–Ken Feingold’s Un Chien Delicieux and the late Lynne Blumenthal’sSocial Studies Part I–the tables are turned on colonial presumption and lingering Cold War certainties and in the process demonstrate why the discipline of anthropology can no longer be relied upon to constitute that centrality of identity that used to be the imperial ‘We’.

Craig Baldwin finishes the job off with O No Coronado!, a film about the legacy of colonialism in the American Southwest which manages, among other things, to effectively confound us with the question as to why we wanted to be associated with it in the first place. A problematic which of course calls to mind an additional question–seemingly relevant to Canadians–Where do you stand in all of this? (R. Heather)